The Foundation was established by business and civic leaders as an independent, non-profit organization to strengthen the services of the Colorado Springs Police Department.  ...



Kyle Hybl,

Welcome to the Website of Police Foundation of Colorado Springs. The Police Foundation’s mission is to strengthen the services of the Colorado Springs Police Department, while promoting excellence in the department and improving public safety by providing resources not otherwise available from the City.

Since the Foundation was established in 2009, it has contributed more than $128,000 to fund equipment and training that enhance the safety and professionalism of the city’s police force and that contribute to public safety.

One of the items funded by the Foundation is a medical trauma kit that is issued to each sworn officer and full time community service officer in the department. Each kit contains supplies that officers can use to stabilize injured individuals until more advanced medical aid arrives on scene. Officer feedback on the effectiveness of the kits has been very positive and encouraging.

The Foundation also is responsible for hosting the annual Medal of Valor Program, which honors police officers for acts of heroism in the line of duty. The Foundation is honored to be a part of this program and to continue a worthy tradition that began almost 30 years ago.

As our city continues to grow, the challenges faced by our Police Department expand and test those who have sworn to protect and serve our community. The Police Foundation provides an important avenue for the private sector to come alongside the Police Department to support the department in its mission.

I am grateful for those who protect and serve in our community. The Police Foundation of Colorado Springs allows us to show our gratitude and enhance the Colorado Springs Police Department’s capabilities through investments in technology, education and training.

Through the Police Foundation, business and community leaders are taking an active role to ensure Colorado Springs has a highly trained and capable police force, which effectively and efficiently serves the needs of our community.

Thank you for joining us in this important effort!




Police Foundation of Colorado Springs Does Not Call Soliciting Donations

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation has notified Police Foundation of Colorado Springs that Colorado Springs residents have received solicitation phone calls from someone claiming to represent Police Foundation of Colorado Springs.  Our organization does not solicit donations through phone calls or through the mail.

If someone claiming to represent Police Foundation of Colorado Springs has contacted you, or someone you know, please do not respond to the donation request. Rather, let us know if you have been contacted by sending an email to info@policefoundationofcoloradosprings.org. 



31st Annual Medal of Valor Luncheon

Police Foundation of Colorado Springs hosts the 31st Annual Medal of Valor Luncheon Nov. 18, 2016 at the Broadmoor Hotel. Click the Events tab above to learn more about the event and to read about the brave officers who were recognized in 2015 for their achievements.

CSPD officers, civilians highlighted in Gazette profiles

Colorado Springs Police Department sworn officers and civilians are being highlighted in a series of profiles appearing everyother week in The Gazette. The profiles, sponsored by Police Foundation of Colorado Springs, focus on the contributions of those who dedicate their lives to keeping our community safe. 


Police Foundation Makes Potentially Life-Saving Donation to CSPD, EPCSO

El Paso County sheriff’s deputies will be better prepared to handle life-threatening injuries thanks to a Police Foundation of Colorado Springs donation.



Police Foundation of Colorado Springs announces Myers Scholarship Fund

Fund Supports Children of CSPD Employees, Retirees



Police Foundation formed

December 5, 2010 | The Gazette


Police Foundation announced

The men and women on patrol in Colorado Springs now have support separate from the limitations of the city budget. The formation of the Police Foundation of Colorado Springs was just announced. It is a funding source and board made up of people independent of the department.

Nov. 30, 2010 | KOAA